The Big Journey

Directed by Liliana Dias

Synopsis :

Five persons born with disabilities, each with a distinct life and from a different background, are part of joint project that shows us how human beings live in their environment in various parts of the world. Leave Switzerland on an adventure trip and live like nomads: this is what Véronique, Stephen, Isabelle, Serge and Cédric have set out to do. From Mongolia to the Arizona desert, from the land of the Fulani to the Roma people… Off the beaten track and avoiding tourist stereotypes, they roam the nomadic paths and immerse themselves in the sweet-sour daily life of so-called “primitive” people, for a human experience leading them beyond our differences.

Four journeys packed with action and unforgettable moments. Our five adventurers set out to discover the unknown. At each stage, they encounter people with a life steeped in traditions; they learn about new cultures, taste dishes they have never tasted before, hear strange-sounding languages and share music, songs and dances of another age. Over time, barriers crumble, prejudice dispels slowly and all travellers are transformed by their experience: they were perceived as persons in their own right.

This film questions the way we view differences and other human beings, providing original insights into the concept of living together.