Teenage stories 2002-2010

Directed by Béatrice Bakhti

Synopsis :

Adolescence is a difficult and often awkward age. It is a complex period, during which teenagers try to assert themselves on their way to adulthood. A period full of dangers, discoveries, experimentations, dreams and tough realities. This collection of four documentary films explores the 7-year development of seven teenagers from the age of twelve to eighteen years. It is an unprecedented immersion into the usually secret world of adolescence. With rare spontaneity, Aurélie, Jordann, Mélanie, Thys, Rachel, Xavier and Virginie share their reflections, joys, sorrows, hopes and disappointments with the audience. Through them and their parents, this series not only paints the picture of the fragile and distraught contemporary family, but also of an increasingly disorientated society. The disclosures are often amusing, sometimes cruel, but always apt and sincere.

Love and sex, alcohol and drugs, school and work, conflicts with parents, and the need for independence: all these topics are addressed without any taboo. An immersion that causes the reflections of the spectators, who either take sides with the teenagers or with their parents. One catches oneself imagining how they will evolve over all those years. In short: everything you always wanted to know about teenagers in French-speaking Switzerland but were afraid to ask!


Teenage stories 2002-2010