Like a fast passing angel

Directed by Nasser Bakhti

Synopsis :

How to grieve the loss of a child that died too young? A brutal and unacceptable death is not something which happens just to other people! The tragic fate 22-year-old Johann was unable to escape from, confronts us with our own innermost feelings when trying to get an insight into such turmoil and its impact.

Each person tackles as best they can the pain caused by the disappearance of a loved one. We prepare ourselves as best we can, according to our beliefs, our faith and our strength of character. On the other hand, when the loss is sudden, violent and painful, we are overcome by bewilderment, sadness, anger and a sense of profound injustice.

Just when our eyes open up on the life ahead, we are promised death. No way out! Of course, death is part of life, but there are some deaths that are accompanied with a feeling of injustice. They occur too early and they destabilize us. We experience them as betrayals of life. The loss of a child is one such betrayal. So how does one position oneself and remain lucid in order to cope without getting lost and losing everything at the same time?