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Troubadour Films - Adult Stories

Adult Stories 1-2 2017  90’ 92’

Romans d’Adultes 2017

On the path to independence -  Chapters 1 & 2

Seven years after the success of “Teenager Stories”, Troubadour Films is continuing its sociological epic with another movie. Xavier, Rachel, Thys, Mélanie and Jordann accepted to participate in this new film and describe their experience as young adults.They are already a quarter of a century old. The years since coming of age have been eventful and turbulent. One of them is looking for a new professional direction, another is pursuing a solitary but ambitious career, another has just come out of a long relationship and returned to live with her mother, another has sacrificed everything for (his/her) work, and another is fighting to repair a life full of excess and reconnect with (his/her) family. They have agreed to describe their experiences, their – sometimes – tense family relations, their love life and daily struggle to become independent and build a life for themselves. Their tone is more serious, but their words are once again the reflection of a lucid young Swiss generation in search of their identity and on their way to independence as best as they can.

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Originale Version
English / Deutsch / Italiano
HD 16/9 Colour / DCP
Genre & duration
Feature Documentary Chapter 1 - 90’ Chapter 2 - 92’
Year of production
Country de production


Written & Directed
Béatrice & Nasser Bakhti
Produced by
Nasser Bakhti
Troubadour Films - Genève
Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) - 
Unité des Films Documentaires 
Irène Challand et Gaspard Lamunière
SSR SRG idée suisse Sven Wälti et Gregory Catella

With the support
La Fondation Ernst Göhner
Succès passage antenne
La Fondation Wilsdorf
La ville d’Yverdon
La ville du Grand-Saconnex
La commune de Plan-les-Ouates
The participation of
La Fondation Cineforom
La Loterie Romande

Production assistant
Melissa Chollet
Production secretary
Inès Abeya


Loîc Oswald Nicolas Defferrard
Additional camera work
Nasser Bakhti
Gléraldine Zosso

Bernard Seidler,
Additionnal sound work
Stephane Mercier
Béatrice & Nasser Bakhti
Video Animation & titles
Julien Dumoulin – studio Troubadour Films
Cadratin – Graphic, web & motion design
Sound editing & sounddesign
Jérôme Vittoz
Nasser Bakhti
Colour grading
Julien Dumoulin
Troubadour Films

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