CRETTAZ, and how violent hope is…

Directed by Nasser Bakhti

Synopsis :

Good foot, good eye and good memory. At 84 years old, Bernard Crettaz, with his fervent words never without a sense of humor, welcomes us with open arms and takes us on a journey through his life. This is the story of a farmer’s son who became a sociologist. By creating the death cafés, Bernard Crettaz has made death his life’s work. He is now known as “Mr. Death”. It is also the story of a man who was destined for a monastic life, as his mother dreamed. But at the age of 20, the first mini-skirt in the valley, worn by Antoinette with her generous curves, got the better of his vocation.


Today, in the autumn of his life, his aching body reminds him that the future is no longer a promise. Faced with the inevitable, all his beliefs collapse, and his skin-deep humanity wavers. He maintains himself thanks to curiosity and wonder at all times. This film helps him to question his life, his country, his faith, his death, his mountain and all that he has accomplished to date, with of course a passion for transmission. He was keen to take these themes to heart, confronting them without any hesitation or fear, but with a rare frankness.


Crettaz le film