Appia, memories of a painter

Directed by Nasser Bakhti

Synopsis :

Dominique Appia, an 87-year-old Geneva painter, shares his work in a film that takes the form of an invitation to a journey. A journey about a human being who has marked his time with works that are a marvellous combination of hyperrealism and surrealism. His famous painting “Entre les trous de la mémoire” (Between the gaps of memory) has adorned millions of rooms throughout the world, inspired musicians and incited psychoanalysts’ reflections. You do not merely look at Appia’s paintings, you immerse yourself in them with your whole being. They draw you in and take you elsewhere. Appia paints with love and passion. An epicurean who skilfully combines reflection with pleasure without ever losing sight of the realities of his time. His paintings always give us the impression of coming from a dream or from a dream world.