Young and ready to invent the future 2012-15  30x26’

Young and ready to invent the future

They are students, workers, executives, self-employed craftsmen, teachers, public officials, or artists, all of whom are under the age of 30 and many of whom are unemployed. They do not dream of a new society. Rather, their discontent and their awareness of the urgency of the situation is making them ask for a real democracy now. They dismiss traditional parties and corrupt dictators because of their inability to meet the aspirations of young people and citizens that are confronted by a massive unemployment and the lack of future prospects.

Let this rebellious youth speak up and show us how they tackle the day-to-day challenges disrupting their daily lives: unemployment, climate change, increase in social injustices, erosion of biodiversity, risk of planetary conflict, economic crisis, corrupt politics, globalization: the planet has never been so rich and yet, the gap between the rich countries in the north and the poor countries in the south is ever widening.

This movement of social and political protest from Tunis to Madrid is starting to cross borders, getting an easy foothold in those countries that are faced with the economic crisis, with repression and austerity. This civic mobilization finds signs of solidarity in the Maghreb, in Africa, Europe, and throughout the world. Through the portrait of 60 young people aged between 20 and 30, who live in 30 different countries, i.e.

Spain, France, Tunisia, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Senegal, India, Romania, South Korea, Canada, Bolivia, Syria, Norway, Egypt, Algeria, Germany, South Africa, Hungary, Switzerland, Mexico, Chile, the Ukraine, the Philippines, Finland, Haiti, Portugal and the United States, we want to make a social, economic and political inventory of these countries on the basis of their younger generation’s statements. We will also try to understand how the use of new technologies, such as the internet, and particularly the social networks and the mobile phone, has plunged everything into chaos.

The peaceful demonstrations are continuing with incredible determination, in no way wearing down the courage of the people wanting to break the chains of authoritarianism. This dearly won freedom unfortunately continues to cost too many human lives in the Maghreb and the Middle East, but it has nevertheless opened up new perspectives, which were inconceivable only a few months ago. More than ever, this development expresses the peoples’ strong aspirations. Being subjected to arbitrary and political violence, having to live in injustice, poverty and in the contempt of corrupt leaders who plunder the wealth of their countries to their detriment, they can no longer bear to accept the absence of justice and freedom.

  • Production
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Created, produced and directed by
Nasser Bakhti
Troubadour Films - Genève
International partners
Aït Mouhoub Ali
Senegal: Fabacary Assymby Coly
Chile: Rodrigo Salinas
Greece: Anastasia Christoforidou
France: Jean-Pierre Lagrange
Spain: Aït Mouhoub Ali
Brazil: François Wolf
Mexico: Rodrigo Salinas
South Africa: Tobias Glüsing
USA: Geneviève Tissot
Haïti: Clément Ndzana
Great-Britain: Toufik Bakhti
Tunisia: Salma Baccar
Bolivia: Rodrigo Salinas
India: Kamal Musale

Béatrice Bakhti, Ana Acosta, Christine Brunner

Sound design
François Wolf

Credit music
Marcel Vaid

Video Animation & Titles
Julien Dumoulin
Studio Troubadour Films


Christine Brunner, Chan Won-Park

Translation and subtitles
Clarissa Hull

Credit Music
Marcel Vaid (music credit beginning), Nasser Bakhti (music illustration episodes), Algérie: Zginga (music credit end), Senegal: Red Black (music credit end), Chili: Raul Muñoz